Overcoming the societal expectations making it hard for women to leave social media by Tracy Durnell

Overcoming the societal expectations making it hard for women to leave social media by Tracy Durnell

As somebody who is interested in starting the meetup for IndieWeb/personal sites, I found the thinking about the 'selling' point of the IndieWeb interesting. I would never have thought of the cooking community as the one to target.

Even though I started having my own blog on my domain in my student times, I never considered the students as the main public for personal websites. The main reason being, that there is a constant present assumption, that everybody is on Facebook.

When I started a cognitive science master program, the professor asked us to agree on the way we will disseminate the information among ourselves, and one minute later the Facebook group was created - since everybody was already there. Without any discussion about it.

Well, I was one of the handful people, that were ushered in creating Facebook account - which I deleted, once I stopped attending classes, since I no longer needed.

Just last week their was a regular cognitive science students meetup (still on their mailing list, even though I finished my last class 3 years ago). I had an interesting conversation with two cognitive science students at the (one will apply next year, one current). After the fact, one of them put out a phone to get my contact information. As she started to scroll through the names, I asked, where is she searching? I did stop her, when I saw her press a Facebook icon.

During undergraduate studies, I had a couple of people, that were always happy to take my invitation, but they never invited me to anything. When I asked them about it, the most frequent answer was, that I was not on Facebook. So when they were looking for people to hang out, I was not on the list they checked.

But maybe I should be looking at how I was convinced to start a blog. I remember sitting in the Le Petit cafe after a Toastmasters meeting. I had a discussion with a another Toastmasters member "Hope he does not mind me linking to him". The discussion went from a lot of different topic. But on the topic of personal sites, I think the argument that convinced me was learning in public. I think there was, maybe, also some talk about socialization or marketing? I can not remember, since these were not the ones convincing to me.

Took me a some time, but I eventually bought the cheapest domain (.eu was on sale at the time) and the cheapest hosting in the local firm as an experiment. I found the experiment successful.

But then, he is a master of convincing people and I was both not on social media and not convinced in the positives of social media, so not sure how applicable this strategy would be to other people.

I am also a technical personal, that does not care, if I am the only female in the group - I am used to this.

I know of at least one personal case, when the person asked me who many women will be present at the meetup before going, so this might also be the factor.

Definitely something, where I need to think some more about.