Moving between the programs in Mac

I like having the ability to work on my laptop without any additional hardware like mouse or screens or anything else. But in order to make this feasible, there are three keyboard shortcuts, that I learned and help me with this.

First in order to start a program, I Command+Space starts the search bar, from which you can access the programs (and files) on the computer.

Then to move between the programs, the Command+Tab gives you the list of all the programs, that are open.

But this only moves between the programs. If the program have multiple windows open, then one can move between them with the Command+`.

The Control+Click is the same as the right click on the mouse. Helpful, since I could not find any other way to use a right click from the Mac laptop keyboard.

As a shorter version to open something in the new tab, is to use both Command+Click. Not sure, if it works in every program, but it works in Firefox, Postman and JetBrains products.

Now I only need to find a way to replace PageUp, PageDown, Home and End buttons, and then I would have a feeling, that I have the basics down.