GROW work project 2022 Q2

Employee: Sara Jaksa (Date: Mar 16, 2022)

Goals: What do you want to achieve/resolve/solve?

Long-Term Goal: To learn more about the mobile and web apps

Short-Term Goal: To get my old project working and to create a web version, that also works on mobile

Current Reality: What is happening now? Have you already taken any steps towards your goal?

Before starting my work in Cleanshelf, I was working on the UExperience app as part of my university work. I even presented this on the My Data meetup and the work was presented at the conference.After starting the work, it sort of fail aside. Mostly because it is a mobile application, something that I would not be using, as I am not a smartphone user. But I am interested in the web apps, which I found out, they can be also used as the mobile apps. And I am still interested in the phenomenological research, which this app covers. Phenomenological research is an observation research in philosophy, when they try to figure out, how people experience thing. For example, how to we recall the experience, how we experience dreaming, how we experience remembering or drawing and so on. The readable example of research like this is On Ethical (In)Decisions Experienced by Parents of Infants in Neonatal Intensive Care (SciHub link).And at one point, the app, even if not really working, was used to help with research like that in the Cognitive science program here in Ljubljana, and I think making it work again and to be usable for the research would also help the students there persue this research - if they are interested in it.Also, I have recently became more involved in the IndieWeb community. That, combined with the Beyond Tellerand conference, I got more interested in the web and the UI and usability of it. Since I plan to attend their events in Düsseldorf this quarter as well, this seems like the right quarter to try and tackle something in this space for my grow project.

Options: What can you do? What are your options?

Some of the options, that I have here is:

  • Concentrating on the iOS development - in which case I am going to work on the codebase from another person from more than 5 years ago and try to make it work on the new iPhones (this was not an option for me at the time, since my personal computer is not a mac)
  • Concentrating on the mobile cross-platform, in which case I will take my old reactive native code and either rewrite it in something else (Flutter?) - I still remember the drawbacks working on reactive native or just try to make that code work
  • Concentrating on the web apps, that can also be used as a mobile one - One I am the most excited about. But I wonder if this makes the offline usage of local notifications possible? Kind of needed for this particular app
  • Research frontend - I do not know much about frontend at all, I am at the stage, when you copy and paste code together and add some glue. Maybe getting some overview of the thinking models in the frontend sphere could also help

Will: Of these options, what is your most powerful next step? / What will you do until our next meeting?

For the start, I think I am going to be starting with the iOS development part.

Other things to be mentioned:

Do you need specific development support (training, coaching, etc.) to achieve your goals?

I am going to be requesting the XCode and possibly the Android Studio as application, as we move towards the Q2.Not sure what the best training material would be, to teach me how to think about the current frontend development.


I did not reach the goal for the Q2. While I had a couple of sessions, playing around with the XCode and with the already existing mobile device code, I did not even get it to the level of successfuly running it. I also stopped doing things specific to this project before the quarter was done - as I gave up on completing it in this quarter.

I think there are a couple of reasons, why this ended up being like that. I will include the two, that I think were the most important:

  • Because of the spill over from the GROW project from the last quarter, doing more traveling and the socializing, and having 2 projects, where I would need to learn a new technology during work tasks in the quarter (the Vue one was taken over by Ilayda, so I only finished one), my energy could not keep up. Something had to give, and in this case Q2 GROW project one one of them
  • It did not help, that this was not the project, I was excited about, but was something, that I wanted to finish, so I could put it behind me. This means that this was a project, that required a lot more energy, something I did not have a lot to spare in last quarter.

I picked an easier project for this quarter, so I don't think I will run in the same problem. It is also connected to what I would be learning about outside of work and something, that I am excited about. I also picked another grow project, which only really demands me to be more mindful of the social interactions at work. So I think I will be able to make progress for at least one of them.