Note Taking Personality Test - Artisan

When I took the second brains webinar, there also gave us a link to the test for our note taking personality. It was supposed to show, which parts of the system we are good at naturally, and which we will need to work on.

I like personality tests, so I am including my results below. I think it was pretty accurate, but I would need to check other types to see, if they are just general description, or they actually say something.

Note taking type: ARTISAN

Your superpower: Creating new and interesting things.

You're a creative powerhouse. You take what you've learned and experienced and turn it into something uniquely your own to share with the world.

Whether it's a presentation, a blog post, a podcast, or art - you're able to create something completely special to you.

Even though you're always creating, you may feel like it's more work than it should be.

As an artisan, you might struggle with:

  • Capturing the raw material of your life or job as it happens, so that you have plenty of resources to work with when it's time to create.
  • Keeping organized, so that the insights, skills, and wisdom you've gained are useful far into the future.
  • Creating in a predictable, calm fashion, rather than boom-and-bust cycles.
  • Leveraging what you've done in the past (your work, ideas, insights, and learnings) to make your future life easier.
  • Having a trusted system keeping track of all the fine details, so that you can enjoy more of what you do.

Your unharnessed potential: Collecting the raw material for creativity, so you don't have to keep starting from scratch.