Types of Explanation

I just finished the book Predicting personality.

They were dealing with the DISC personality model. One note is, that I find it annoying for people to try and explain the model by throwing multiple (16 in this case) descriptions, and you were supposed to understand the model from this. I skipped them, which is why I am not counting this book as read one.

The only other thing was that these are two axis:

  • How much a person want to control the environment and provide the direction (D and I type) vs. how much they want to follow directions (C and S type).
  • How much a person is independent and business-like (D and C types) vs. how much friendly and trusting they are (S and I type)

I think I am probably more independent - but I have no idea about the direction axis. I can not see myself firmly in any of them.

The test on their site has me as The Skeptic - Cd

People with the Cd personality type tend to be more serious in their demeanor and very logical in their thinking. They tend to be most comfortable with thoughtful, independent work, and may relate to others in a more distant and detached manner.

As far as the introduction to the DISC personality type, it was not helpful at all. And the book was written in a way, that they had assumed the people did not know anything about it before. I just wish there were more books talking about the structure, and not assume we will derive the structure from some disconnected descriptions.