GROW work project 2022 Q1

Employee: Sara Jakša (Date: Jan 12, 2022)

Goals: What do you want to achieve/resolve/solve?

Long-Term Goal: To improve my technical public speaking and writing

Short-Term Goal: To get accepted to 3 different technical conferences to present

Current Reality: What is happening now? Have you already taken any steps towards your goal?

I only presented once (not counting lightning talk) at the conference (PyCon Balkan 2019). I have applied with to PyCon DE and PyCon Italy and applied to these with three speeches (OAuth, Regex and Network Analysis). I found a couple of more conferences to check and I need to find a lot more conferences to apply to. For technical writing, I have a blog, where I occasionally also write technical blog posts.

Options: What can you do? What are your options?

The first thing to do is to find a better way to find conferences, where I could present. There are two main problems, that I have here:

  • They are hard to find - I subscribed to a couple of lists, but based on a couple of days, most of the conferences, with description in English, are Microsoft. Also, I prefer in person, simply because it is easier to present in person than online, but a lot of conferences are not in person yet (covid).
  • For a lot of topics, that could potentially be interesting, I do not feel competent enough to present (like for CSS conference). This limits which conferences I can target.

The second point could be helped by having somebody, that would give me feedback on how interesting my potential talk ideas are. Not sure, who could help me here. It would be nice, if meetups would happen in person, since they provide a lot more opportunity for practice. As for the supporting program, I have attended the Toastmasters for 5 years, and I found it helpful. Might be useful - though ignoring the history would be interesting. Also, a while ago I was recommended the Nina’s course for workshops - something that is my way beyond this quarter goal, but might also be helpful here . For technical writing, I actually do not know what else to do but write more.

Will: Of these options, what is your most powerful next step? / What will you do until our next meeting?

Finding more conferences to present at.

Other things to be mentioned:

Not that I would be aware of.

Do you need specific development support (training, coaching, etc.) to achieve your goals?

I don’t think so?