CFP: Moving away from end user documentation in Word

I applied to this on the 21th of January to We are Developers 2022. I have withdrawn my application on the 25th of February (4 conferences in half a year - two with travel, are more then enough).

Title: Moving away from end user documentation in Word

Audience level: Beginner 

Tags:  Python, regex, HTTP

Live coding: True

Description:  That feeling in the startup. The end users want some documentation in PDF, so it it easier to just write it in Word. But on the end all the documentation is in Word and PDF files, which makes is unmaintainable - hard to change.

We integrate with over 100 different services. Our documentation for this used to be partly saved in the Word and PDF documents committed to git.

I will talk about the process of how we ended up automatically moving most of the documentation in the new format. I will also attempt a live code example, of how to attempt this.

What are the key learnings from your session?:

Sometimes the pain of dealing with the old system can be higher than going to a new one.

It is not that hard to change the Word documents to some other format.

Describe your target audience: Programmers, that need to work with different data formats, but do not have yet experience with this. People responsible for documentation, with some technical knowledge.

The reason for this topic was, that I was surprised at my coworker comment of how this is an interesting problem, while for me this is simple and everyday-like.