Indie Web Camp Düsseldorf

This week, I have attended my first Indie Web Camp in Düsseldorf.. IndieWeb was an idea, that got me interested because of the two points: 1) It puts the ownership of the data in the person's hands and 2) it allows for a lot of individual tinkering. And this was the first in-live Europe event, that I found out about it, after I found out about the IndieWeb.

I really enjoyed the fact, that it was a small event. Really, really small event. Mostly because the smaller the event, the less perceived divide there is between people, so that makes for a more welcoming environment.

There was a couple of topics, that discussed. The first was a Sebastijan's's presentation about using webmentions to RSVP to the event. The showing of the code made it easier - it is just a piece of the HTML, that needs to be done in a certain way and a POST request. If I manage to do it this way, I will write it in the future blog post. We will see.

Though I am aware, that maybe I should not be RSVPing with the blog post about what already happened.

I remember when I started to read more about it, I quickly got the impression, that I would need a database and custom software. Or use some outside service. None of it is true for sending it.

The next session was on the wish list, of what the people would want for their sites. There are two things, that I took from that session. For the post on the site, syndicate elsewhere, some services make this really hard, so in order to have a workable solution, you might need to think in the direction of copy the content from service. And that there is not a good solution yet for the semi-public content.

Then we split into two groups, one for IndieAuth and the other for webmentions.

When we reconvened, there was a start of a short hacking time. For inspiration, the recap of the Beyond Tellerand talk about the HEAD content. What I was doing during the hacking time was try to come up with a way of adding events to my page - in a way, that is both browsable and would allow me to RSVP to the future events. I did not come far, so I did not demo anything.

The one interesting things during the demo was, that the upper mentioned talk was only for the pages, that were not written with the progressive enhancement in mind, as otherwise the JavaScript comes in the end, which eliminates most of the problems talked in the talk. Link to that remark.

We ended with the event with the drink in the Düsseldorf Central Library. Which the amazing. The library. Just as a side note. The drink and company were also great.

There were a couple of ideas, that I got based on this event, that I hope to implement in the following weeks:

  1. The Events section
  2. The future reading list - this is right now on the computer, and there is no reason, why it would not be on the site
  3. The webmentions - since Curby (a CMS did not know before) saves webmentions in a text file, it should be possible to use them even with my limited hosting - no databases and PHP only. I got this hosting years before I got my first job, and the reason, I never upgraded is to make me a bit more creative
  4. Think about a better system to change my notes - which are currently a collection of text files in my to computer - to a finish product. Especially since I was thinking recently that blog should be a place, where I write my potential ideas for a speech, to see if there is even enough content for it. And I am currently not very good at this - hence a lot of unfinished notes. Which is also one of the reasons (but not the main one), why I did not finish my cognitive science master thesis yes.

So I am grateful for all the people, that where there today.