My Full CV (With All Experience I Had)

This is a list of all the experiences that I had. This is just for reference, mostly for me, but anybody can make use of it. If you are thinking of hiring me, please use the cultivated CV at



My Publications

  • Jakša, Sara. "Deljenje objav o potencialnih delodajalcih na družbenih medijih: konceptualni model in empirična preverba" [Sharing Posts about Potential Employers on Social Media: A Conceptual model and an Empirical Examination]. Master thesis at Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, in-press.
  • Jakša, Sara. "How Can Computers Help Us Understand Text? Topic Modeling on Example of MeiCogSci Abstracts". Talk at the MeiCogSci Conference 2019, Ljubljana, June 13-15, 2019. (Abstract)
  • Jakša, Sara. "Team Dynamics During Innovation, Knowledge Creation and Learning Processes". Poster at the MEi:CogSci Conference 2017, Budapest, June 22-24, 2017. (Abstract), (Poster)
  • Edit Summer School 2015 Alumni and Comtrade. "Sustainable Mobility & Mobility as a Service". Poster at the CIVITAS Conference 2015, Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 27-29, 2015. (PDF)
  • Zois' Summer Camp. Počitniški Apartmaji na Vodi. Slovenija. 2007. (Report)

My Speeches

Others Publications

  • Cristofori, Armando. "101 Artistic Toastmasters". Publicious Pty Ltd. 2015. [Featured in]

Work Experience

Backend programmer at Cleanshelf (2019-current)

  • Working on the backend part of the Cleanshelf application.

Summer School at Zemanta (2019)

  • Analysis of the click-throught rate for ads. We were working in teams of three, and our team decided to test different algoritms. I was testing the factorization machines and the vorpal wabit's linear regression.

Programmer at Datafund (2018-current)

  • I am programming the mobile app for people interested in researching the experience. The program allows the mapping of the experiential landscape and researching some part of experience in more detail.
  • The code can be found on GitHub:

Website Developer, IT Support and Helper at Novi Val (2012-2016)

  • A techinical person responsible for prototyping the new web ideas and implementing them and for being there to support them in case of the IT problems.
  • I also helped with storage and logistics, from labeling the goods, to organizing the storage to helping with taking inventory and so on. I also translated different documents, marketing materials and corespondence from English to Slovenian and vice versa. I was also sometimes doing data entry. I also animated three promotional videos.

Person Responsible for Easy Speak at Toastmasters Ljubljana (2013-2016)

  • I was responsible for introducing the Easy Speak, traning people to use it, trouble shooting, and entering the missing data.
  • I also helped with answering any other questions that they might have.

Consultant at Symphony EYC (2015)

  • Help with replicating the bug reports so people would know what is the problem.

Summer School Student at Comtrade (2015)

  • The group of us was working on the project of how the mobility in Ljubljana would look like if there were no privately owned cars.
  • We presented our work on the CIVITAS conference 2015 in Ljubljana.

English Teacher and IT Support at Supra Vita (2015)

  • I though one-on-one lessons to other people. I also helped with the group lessons of both children and adults. Among my other roles were also helping with organazing meetups, designing and creating marketing material, writting and preparing the newsletter, making small changes on the website, cleaning, shopping and advising them in how to use the tehnology better.

Website Developer at Naiks (2014-2015)

  • Design, programming and updating their website.

Treasurer at Toastmasters Ljubljana (2013-2014)

  • Keeping the financal records for the club and doing all the corespondence with the Toastmaster International.

Data Entry (2014)

  • Entering data for the Family Friendy Company (Družini projazno podjetje).

Assistant Coach at Karate Klub Shogun Ljubljana(2012-2013)

  • Once a week, I was the one leading the practice session. During the competitions, I was responsible for the younger members to be at the right place in the right time, while the rest of time not make the mess of themsleves.

VP of Education at Toastmasters Ljubljana (2012-2013)

  • I was responsible for keeping records of who was doing what during the meetings. I was also responsible for the motivation and helped extend the meeting so the summer times as well and help organize the first Ljubljana Toastmasters Maraton.


Cognitive Science (Masters) - University of Ljubljana, University of Vienna, Comenius University Bratislava (2016-exprected 2020)

  • The course work that I took was connected with computational modeling, use of technology and individual differences. School projects included programming evolutionary algorithm to create music, using topic analysis to analyze abstracts in one cognitive science conference, researching modeling of personality and cognitive bias, analyzing innovation process in group and researching the experience of knowledge.
  • I also spend semester in Vienna, taking classes from University of Vienna and Medical University in Vienna and another semester in Bratislava, taking classes from Commenius University in Bratislava.
  • My master thesis is researching how ideas are spread on the internet. I am still in the pre-proposal stage.
Courses and Projects taken at University in Vienna
  • Introduction into Research II. For the introduction in research II class, we had to participate in research project. I was studying the social dynamics during the theory-U innovation process with the grounded theory methodology. The work was to analyze the diaries that were collected beforehand from the students going through the theory-U as part of the class. The work was presented at the MeiCogSci conference in 2017 (Abstract and Poster).
  • Current Developments in Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science
  • Philosophy Discussion
  • Introduction to Cognitive Science II
Courses and Projects taken at Medical University of Vienna
  • Computer Models of "The Mind". At the seminar part of this course, we needed to research one question in connection to modeling. I was researching what modeling can tell us about personality. Here is the final paper and presentation
  • Models of Emotions and Personality
Courses and Projects taken at University of Ljubljana
  • Uvod v kognitivno znanost 1 (Introduction to Cognitive Science I)
  • Uvod v raziskovanje 1 (Introduction to Research I)
  • Prvoosebno raziskovanje (First-Person Research). During this course I also participated in the phenomenological study of the emergence of belief.
  • Kognitivna psihologija 1 (Cognitive Psychology I). As part of the course, we had to write a description of one of the illusions in the Museum of Illusions. I have written about the illusion of corners.
  • Umetna inteligenca 1 (Artificial Inteligence I)
  • Uvod v jezikoslovje (Introduction to lingustics)
Courses and Projects taken at Comenius University Bratislava
  • Evolutionary Algoritms
  • Introduction to Computational Inteligence
  • Philosophy of AI
  • Grounded Theory
  • Cognitive Semantics and Theories of Representation

Business Informatics (Masters) - University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics (2015-expected 2019)

  • The course work that I took was connected with data analysis, decision making and use of technology. School projects included analyzing the decisions of family planning with theory of planned behaviour, analyzing the implementation of IT solution for organizing at Toastmasters Ljubljana, and getting personality from textual data and analyzing personality of programmers of different programming language.
  • I have also spent a semester at Vienna University of Economics and Business.
  • My master thesis is researching who share social media posts about potential employers and why they do it. I am currently polishing my final version.
Courses and Projects taken at University of Ljubljana
  • Metode analize in načrtovanja IS (Methods for Analysis and Planing of IS)
  • Organizacija in management (Organisation and Management)
  • Research Methods and Techniques
  • Managerial Economics
  • Strategic Management 2
  • Business Process Management. During this course, we had to write a seminar paper. Mine was about how kaizen is used in different countries.
  • Razvoj poslovnih spretnosti (Development of Business Skills)
  • Business Intelligence. In this course, we had to create a business intelligence project of our own choosing. I picked personality type prediction.
  • Information Systems Management. During this course, we had to create two seminar paper. My first one was about analizing IT related decision making through Jung's personality types and my second one was about the true cost of enterprise social media (with presentation)
  • Programiranje (Programming)
  • Kognitivna nevroznanost 1 (Cognitive Neuroscience I)
Courses and Projects taken at Vienna University of Economics and Business
  • Pre-Semester German
  • Data Mining and Decision Support Systems
  • Financial Decision-Making
  • Ethical Computing
  • Actors, Behaviours and Decision Processes. At the end of this course, we had to write a paper about something conncted with the course material. I wrote about the policy shortcommings of behavioral economics

Business Informatics (Undergraduate) - University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics (2010-expected 2014)

Courses and Projects taken at University of Ljubljana
  • Mikroekonomija 1
  • Temelji managementa
  • Uvod v poslovanje
  • Organizacijsko vedenje
  • Informatika
  • Osnove statistike
  • Makroekonomija 1
  • Uvod v računovodstvo
  • Pravo družb in poslovno pravo
  • Matematika za poslovne in ekonomske vede
  • Management proizvodnih in storitvenih procesov
  • Temelji trženja
  • Poslovne finance 1
  • Ravnane z ljudmi pri delu
  • Angleški jezik za poslovne in ekonomske vede 1
  • Temelji finančnega in poslovodnega računovodstva
  • Podjetništvo
  • Davki in poslovanje podjetij
  • Statistična analiza
  • Ekonomika EU in SLovenija
  • Informacijska tehnologija
  • Poslovno okolje podjetja
  • Baze podatkov in njihova uporaba
  • Strateški management 1
  • Elektronsko poslovanje
  • Angleški jezik za poslovne in ekonomske vede 2
Courses and Projects taken at University of Leipzig
  • International Economics
  • European Economic Policy
  • Microeconomic Analyses of Old Indian Texts
  • Finanzmärkte und Finanzkrizen

Gimnazija Bežigrad (2006-2010)

Matura subjects:
  • Slovenian
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Economics

Osnovna Šola Oskar Kovačič (1996-2006)


Python Meetup Ljubljana

My Data Meetup Ljubljana



  • Slovenian: Native (C2)
  • English: Fluent (C1)
  • German: Basic (A2)
  • Japanese: Basic (A2)
  • French: Baisc (A2)
  • Serbian: Basic (A2)
  • Croatian: Basic (A2)
  • Hungarian: Couple of Words (A1)

Public Speaking

Creating Websites




  • Karate Club Shogun (2007-2014)


  • Toastmasters Ljubljana (2011-2016)
  • Toastmasters Leipzig (2013)

Business Informatics

  • PI-PL: Društvo Poslovnih informatikov in Poslovnih logistov (Business Informatics and Logistics Club) (2013-2014)





As part of the marketing for Novi Val, I have also created a couple of animated videos, that were later used for promotion.

Video editing