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My Quick Drawings 2019-02-08

So, today I decided to try and do something, that I clearly did not think I was capable of. But all for the big goals and so on. So I decided I will try drawing a human. I took the scene from Flash season 2 episode 17, where Barry is unconscious in the time vault, with Eobard looking over him. Well, on the end Eobard did not end in my picture.

As you can see from the picture, the wheel chair is relatively well made, but Barry is unrecognizable. Any male could be there. There is nothing to show, that I Barry. His face is the most weird. This is definitely something I need to work on.

drawing of Barry in the time vault

So, once I figured out, that the faces are my big weakness, I took the drawing book that I got for really cheap in the closest store here. One of the is in the portraits. So I draw the first picture, that was there. Down below is the result.

drawing of a empty face

This was boring, so I was thinking, what could I do next. I realized, that the only art form, that I enjoyed in the long-term basis were mangas. So I took some times and downloaded a couple of pictures of the anime characters that I liked on the computer. This will be my exercise folder.

But then I remembered, that in the Shugo Chara, the charas were human-like, but they were simple. So I ended up downloading also the pictures of all the charas, that were named as characters in the Shugo Chara wikipedia page.

The first one that I drew was Diaya. Below is the result.

drawing of Diaya from Shugo Chara

The I also drew Miki, from the same series.

drawing of Miki from Shugo Chara