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My Quick Drawings 2019-02-07

Yesterday, as I was waiting for my former classmate, I started drawing the buildings, that were close by. Today, I finished the picture, some from memory and some from just some of the things that I added. For example, the hills and the mountains (the mountains are on the opposite side, actually).

the drawing of fantasy Bežigrad

After I finished the upper drawing, I looked around. I wanted to procrastinate on my work (not work, more like preparing for my Python Meetup speech or organizing the last of my notes), so drawing seems like a more productive way of doing it. I saw the plant in the corner, so I tried to draw it.

the drawing of a plant

I don't think that the corner was well done in my previous picture. So I drew a fireplace as well, since it is placed in the similar corner (on the other side of the room).

the drawing of a fireplace