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My Drawing Lessons 2019-02-07

This time, the practice was supposed to be in not thinking in lines. And the textures of different objects. And we looked over the pictures of Cezanne (I think?) and talked about what part do we take in the pictures and how some things don't have to be whole in the picture and how things don't have to be central. I might have missed some.

There were a couple of comments on this picture.

The first one was about the picture frame in the upper right corner. On the beginning it was smaller, but apparently the bigger ones are less noticeable. For some reason. Apparently then they don't look like just an add-on.

The second one was the surface. For example, the apple is smooth, but the mandarin is already more coarse. So I should take this into account when making lines and when deciding how to shadow them.

The third was about shadowing. Each group should have three tones. But these tones should be different for fruit and for table cloth. So three tones of light gray would be used for fruit and three tones of dark gray would be used for table cloth. And there should be no overlap.

drawing of fruit

I do like to see, that I finally managed to upload all the pictures from my drawing lessons here. The dates posted actually reflect the days, the lessons took place, not when I actually put them online. At least now everything us up.