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My Quick Drawnings 2019-01-10

When I was listening to my lingustics lessons, I relized that a lot of what the guess lecturer was talking about, I still remember from the neurology classes. So I started to draw, in order to help me with the concetration. These are the pictures that I made because of this.

the picture of house on the hill

For this picture I tried to recreate a picture that I did on one of my drawning lessons. Well, at least I can say, that that one was better. But then again, I needed more than 2 hours for that one, and I spend 15 minutes on this one.

the picture of a dice

Here, I was trying to pratice the basic shapes and the shading. Not well made, but at least is recognizable.

the picture of a bow and arrow

I am a fan of the Arrowverse show and this was the time when I was rewatching the first season of Arrow. So you can guess, where the insperation came from.

the picture of arrows

This is another one, that comes from the same source of insperation than the prebious one.

the picture of murder

I am also a bit of fan of the criminal stories (though I currentlly don't have the time to watch/read them). I think one of the reason is, that the detective stories normally have intelligent people in them, and I like reading about them. So, here you can imagine that the murder happened (along with the pool of blood), but the body is not seen, since I don't know how to draw people yet.

the picture of a chair

Another picture of the chair, which I am pretty sure is the same chair that I had already drawn before.

the picture of one of the street in Bratislava

Here, I tried to see my current level of drawning the city. This was made from memory. It was supposed to be one of the streets in Bratislava.