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My Quick Drawnings 2019-01-02

Here are a couple of my quick drawnings, that I made listening to the recording of the Jordan B. Petterson speech, he made in Ljubljana.

the picture of a bottle

This is a picture, that I made from another picture, that I did during on of the lingustics lessons.

the picture of a house and trees

This is another picture, that I made based on the drawning from lingustics lecture. This is the view that can be seen from one of the classrooms at the Faculty of Arts.

the picture of a bookshelfs

This is how the corner of my room looks like. This is the corner, that is the most away from the conrner, where I am sitting, when I am no computer.

the picture of a chair

This is the chair, that I was looking at, when I am st lingustics. We also sit on chairs like this.

the picture of a picher

I drink a lot of tea, and at home I usually do it from this. I have it next to me right now as well.