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My Quick Drawings 2018-12-20

This were some of the first drawings, that I have made outside of drawing classes, ever since I started them. They were during the linguistics class.

the drawing of a water bottle

The first picture was of a water bottle, that was on the table in front of me. I found the bottle interesting, so I draw it.

the drawing of a chair

After drawing the bottle, I started to look at the things that are interesting and I could draw. So the next was a chair, that was so nicely placed in front of me.

the drawing of a look out of a window

After that, I looked around the classroom to try to find something else. But I did not want to draw people and I could not find any stuff that was really interesting. So I looked out of the window, and I liked that, so I draw that.

the drawing of a wardrobe

After finishing and being satisfied with the look out of the window picture, I then did not know what else to draw. Since I want to learn how to draw cities, I wanted to see, if there is anything, where I could practice perspective. This one was one bad attempt at it.