Different Ways of Thinking about Socialization

There are many different ways we would think about socialization.

The first one is, that all of us have beliefs, and we predict other people based on their beliefs. The person believes it will rain, that is why it has an umbrella. The person thinks the candy is in the wrong place, because it lacks some informations.

The second one is that we simulate people. We imagine people in the situations and try to figure out, how we or they would act in it. It does not have to be in the conscious mind - but it can be.

The third is through the social interaction. All the understanding between people is embedded in the interaction. We can also get understanding about ourselves through interaction with people. It does require some similarity between people and their action - objects and people's roles are known between them. Like for example, that chair is for sitting.

The forth is based on enactivism. Our cognition is situated, so the structures (like U-Bahn) makes people predictable. It is also based on the actions, that is why misunderstanding is not feeling reciprocity. We sense-make the world through our interactions with other people. It is also based on narratives we create.

Based on notes from Philosophy of Mind class.