Cognition is not just a Brain

In the cognitive sciences, besides that cognition is the brain, there are some other models as well.


Embodied cognition says, that we can not talk about cognition without talking also about the body. This is why we can change our feelings, if we change our body, like the with power pose. Or why we think differently if we are just thinking or if we are talking with ourselves. Or why the people, that are blind, still gesticulate when talking - assumed that it helps with memory retrieval.


Embedded cognition says, that the environment, skills and experience shapes the cognition. We can only do some things in some environments. For example, in the subway, people all move without thinking, because it is structured is specific way. But it is still different experience for a person, that uses it daily and somebody, that is a tourist in a different country, where a different language is used. Or how a menu can look different to a person with allergy, vegetarian or somebody, that is not picky.


Extended cognition says, that things outside can also be our cognition. Like a wife, that remembers the common acquaintances or like and Excel file, when doing the financial calculations, or paper in case of notes.


Enactivism is how perception itself is bring the world forward. And with this, we are creating our own sense-making. And example of this is, now one type of bee is trying to reproduce with the bottles, since they perceive them as attractive mate.

Based on notes from Philosophy of Mind class.