The consistency is important for improvement

The consistency is important for improvement

The first step to improving something is to do it every day. Since, if nothing is every done, nothing can improve. If you want to run, run every day. If you want to use a foreign language, use it every day.

If you only read books or watch other people, than nothing will change. This can only help after you are already doing the action every day.

I am the member of the Toastmasters group. When we have a meeting, nobody wants to go to the stage. They are afraid of it.

But the fear will not go away, until they are regularly standing on the stage. No matter how many books do they read, no matter how many people they see, without going on the stage, they will forever be afraid of it.

But when I tell them that, they are not that interested in it. They want some more advance tactics.

But I am different. I want to try something and they I can change something. That way I can always reach my goal.