My Old DevianArt Account

In the last weeks, I have gotten an email from DevianArt, which reminded me, that I still seems to have an account there. I did not have a lot of data there, a couple of pictures, and a description. This data is below.

The only timing, that I could find, it that it was from 7 years ago. So I put the date to 7 years and 6 months in the past. The date of the post is this time.


  • Favourite Movies: Cloud Atlasu
  • Favourite TV Shows: Person of Interest, Agent Carter, BBC Sherlock, Detective Conan, Code Geass, Kuroshitsuji
  • Favourite Bands / Musical Artists: None
  • Favourite Books: Atlas Shrugged, Sherlock Holmes stories, Arsene Lupin stories
  • Favourite Writers: Ayn Rand, Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Favourite Games: Board Games
  • Other Interests: Writing, Programming, Hiking

Main pictures

Slovenan fruit crossword

Added: April 2015

This is Slovenian fruit crossword. I made it, when I was looking for an easy crosswords in different languages, and I found none for Slovenian (which is my mother tongue).

Slovenščina je moj materni jezik, tako da ko sem iskala enostavne križanske in različnih jezikih in nisem našla nobene v slovenščini, sem jo pa naredila. Slovenska sadna križanka za vse zainteresirane.

Blue colored picture of a small girl in anime style - Miki from Shugo Chara

Added: April 2015

This was my first attempt at trying to digitize and then color the picture that I drew.

Outline of a small girl in anime style - Miki from Shugo Chara

Added: Aprl 2015

An outline from my first picture (… )

Sketches for Edit2015

This are the brainstorming pictures, that I have created for Edit2015. They wanted some ideas, what to put on the postcards, to be distributed.

Lots of cars on the road, where everybody is thinking 'If only people would share a car, I would be home already.'

The congestion of cars are spectators, looking at the bikes racing

A sign bus only and a person is the car thinking, if they should have bought a bus

The crossroad, where there are two roads forward, but both have no go signs on the right side

Waiting for the bus: 10 minutes, 2 minutes, 16 minutes, out of order

The bus tank with the price and person thinking: If only other people would drive a non-gas car

Car with bank notes, and below the words insurance, tax, gas, tolls, repairs

The example path of car and bus, showing that bus is more direct and message: And they say the car is quicker...

The no-go sign, with allowed for bikes, and below the words: And they say car is quicker than bike...

Being able to find a parking space... priceless

Do you want to have a driver, that will pick you up and drop you off whenever and wherever you want? It is called a TAXI...

The picture, that shows that bus waiting time is usually smaller than looking for parking space time