I am , and this is my website.

This site is a work in progress. It is one small part to have an online presence, and a bigger part to force myself to sometimes actually sent in the public the stuff, that is not yet finished. It started by having a conversation one evening at the cafe, which was more like dare or encouragement then with any specific goal.

I have presented on some conferences, both tech and scentific. From the scientific perspective, I am mostly interested in the differences between people. I am also interested in the effect of the technology on people. Not that I do much research these days. In the tech world, I am still a junior level, but I like data science and the topic connected to it. My favorite language is Python and most of my tech presentations were on Python meetups and conferences, but I am not really using it in my job. The list of scentific publications can be found on my cv page. I don't yet have the list of the tech presentation (and including the meetup presentations, I might never have them, since I do not remeber all of them), so this part is still a work in progress.

I am trying to find hobbies, that do not depend on the computer in any way. One of the one, that I have found by more coincidence than not is drawing. I am trying to put the pictures that I draw online, though I am not that strict about it. The pictures can be found in my gallery.

I also read a lot of books. In the Models of Personality and Emotions class, they allowed us to spend some time also learning the tools that could help us in the future scientific work. And every since then, I am keeping the list of the physical (+very clear it is a book, even if not physical) books. The list can be found here. Things like Shousetsu ni naru or AO3 are not included here, though they can be quite longer than an average book.

This page is also a work in progress, for more material you are free to read my blog. The best way to contact me is by email (sarajaksa@sarajaksa.eu). I don't really use social media, so you won't find me on most of them.

This website was generate with Nikola library, and I am grateful for the work, that was put in that project.