Recipe: Tiramisu

I remember, that I made tiramisu once. It is one of the sweets, that I really like (the creamy texture is usually so good), but I don't really make or order it that much. But for some reason, I don't usually make it. Which is a shame.

I created my recipe by mixing the two recipes together. It is not really perfected. What it is missing is a more creamy structure and more light taste. But maybe this will motivate me, to make it more frequently.

Ingredients: * at least 1 box of baby cookies (so around 250g?) * Coffee * 2 eggs * 500g of mascarpone * 2 spoons of rum or other alcohol (Cognac) * 2 spoons of cacao * 100 dag of sugar

  1. Make coffee
  2. Mix the whites of the eggs until firm
  3. Mix egg yorks with sugar, mascarpone and alcohol
  4. Add egg whites to the mixture
  5. Drown cookies in coffee
  6. Put coffee-soaked cookies in the pan followed by cream. Can be repeated multiple times.
  7. Put cacao on top
  8. Cool in in refrigerator for 1-2 hours at least