What to do to Save the Planet

I have recently read two of the scientific articles about the environment protection. The first one, Comparative analysis of environmental impacts of agricultural production systems, agricultural input efficiency, and food choice dealt with comparison of the food choices, with plants being the best, followed by animal produced vegetarian food, poultry and pork, fish and last beef, goat and lamb meat.

But the was the second article that was more interesting. The article researched how many times different environment protecting actions were recommended in high-school textbooks. But the interesting thing was the classification of actions into low-, middle- and high-impact actions. Beside one high-impact (which I found disturbing), I am listing the actions with their impact level below:

Action Impact
Live car free High
Avoid one flight High
Purchase green energy High
Reduce effects of driving High
Eat a plant-based diet High
Action Impact
Home heating/cooling efficiency Middle
Install solar panels/renewables Middle
Use public transportation, bike, walk Middle
Buy energy efficient products Middle
Conserve energy Middle
Reduce food waste Middle
Eat less meat Middle
Reduce consumption Middle
Reuse Middle
Recycle Middle
Eat local Middle
Action Impact
Conserve water Low
Eliminate unnecessary travel Low
Minimize waste Low
Plant a tree Low
Compost Low
Purchase carbon offsets Low
Reduce lawn mowing Low
Ecotourism Low
Keep backyard chickens Low
Buy Ecolabel products Low
Calculate your home’s footprint Low