We Choose Our Situations

There is an interesting idea in the personal psychology. And this is, that we choose our own situations. So there are the differences in personality profiles on different social media, or in different professions or in different study programs or in different groups.

This is why, they find personality differences between groups. For example high openness for left-leaning and high conscientiousness for right-leaning. More empathic for students of psychology than student of economics. More aggressiveness and narcissism for people volunteering for the prison experiment, than for general psychological experiment.

And I am sure, one can think of an example from their own life. There is a saying is Slovenian: "Iste ptice skupi letijo" (English translation: the same birds are flying together), because it is normally so.

There are some interesting (albeit heartbreaking) studies, that show that people high in neuroticism put themselves in the situation, that lead to more bad things happening to them.

I am right now doing a presentation for the next Python Meetup. I was judging among many ideas. I promised one of the two. But I am going to present something in the same area as one of them. And that is the replication of the racism in housing. Where the model shows, that even when the only preference is, to not be surrounded with majority of people, from one group, that are different, this leads to serious racial segregation. I am just not going to be using race in the example.

And so I wanted to share this idea on the blog as well.