URLs Should Not Change

There is an interesting notion in the URL space. This this that the URL-s are like the addresses, and they should not change. It is sort of like EMŠO in Slovenia or social security number in US. They should be the one thing that stays the same.

Because, I am aware that phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses and similar things are changing all the time. And I think that people take the URLs in the same way, that is why the are changing.

Yesterday, I spend way too many hours trying to figure out, how to put the drawings, that I made during the drawing lessons, on the computer. I wanted to put them on my blog, so I could keep track of the way my skill is increasing. Or so that I could figure out, that my skill is not increasing.

I mean, this is one of the main points of this blog. To see how I change through time. Because I don't actually expect people to read it, except if they find it really useful. And I don't think I am not that level yet. I guess it is a window into who I am and my interests, but even then, it might be a bit lopsided.

So, I tried a lot of things. I added my gmail account as a Microsoft account, but my phone (I have a Windows 7 phone from 2013) did not recognize it. Then I tried to create a new Hotmail account, since I no longer had my old. But none of these were recognized by my phone. It gave my an error message, which did not help much. I than tried to add my gmail email account, but it would synchronise for way too long, and then tell me it needs attention. It did not work at all. I then added my email account from this domain. This one did synchronise, but it still would not send it by email.

So then I realized that the only thing is, that I would need to reinstall Zune. So I install is, and they and try to run it. But there is a error, and it informs me, that the program with close and I need to follow the link to resolve it.

This is what I saw in that link:

this page does not exist message

Well, this is helpful. But then it was even less helpful, as I tried to put the link in question is search engines. Most of the help was, I followed the things in the link, but it did not work. Well, I would like to follow the advice in the link, but it was not really helpful.

Eventually, what I needed to do was to copy back around 15GB of files, in order to be able to open Zune. Than I needed to create a new Windows account, in order for my device to be recognized. But it worked eventually.

I had the same problem, when I was trying to upgrade my tablet, which still runs an Android 4 operating system and the upgrades to a higher system had been discontinued for years. I mean, it is around 10 years old now. I don't think that anybody expected the tech to work that long.

But all the links, that were put there as well, were no longer working. So, even though, there were a ways to do this, I was years too late.

Now, I am aware that URLs should not change. Here are two articles, that explain why. One is Cool URIs don't change and the other one is Fighting Linkrot.

I know, that when I was moving the blog, I tired to make sure the URLs of the blog posts would not change. Well, that broke my blog for a while, but now they all work. I do apologize to everybody, that tried to access my blog in that time, but I don't get a lot of visitors, and most are bots (according to Apache logs), so I am not that worried yet. But in case, in the 1 in million chance, this blog every gets popular, I need to make sure my links won't break.