Segregation of People - Python Meetup Presentation

Two days ago (on Tuesday, 19th of February) I had my first long presentation at the Python Meetup. I had the talk about segregation of people into like minded groups.

I have to admit, I was so nervous, that I skipped most of the programming part, and I only did mostly the cognitive science stuff. Thinking back, I can sort of understand it. I am afraid to present in front of a more knowledgeable audience. So, somebody that knows more than me. So I skipped the parts, where they would know more than me.

This is the presentation:[Python%20MeetUp%20Ljubljana%20February%202019].ipynb

But now the ice is broken. I still think, that if I am to get used to speaking in front of the audience like that, the lightning talks are going to be a lot better choice. I already have some ideas for it (which are mostly projects, that I want to do or I will do or I am doing right now).

There is no video available this time. Thankfully. I can still not watch myself at all.