Quora Kaggle Competition

Months ago, a friend of mine invited me to participate with him in a Kaggle competition. It was the Quora Insincere Questions Classification competition. I have to say, I am not even sure, we posted any model on the Kaggle on the end.

But I had used this as a sort of motivation. I needed to pass the linguistics class, so this seems like a good way to consolidate the knowledge and make linguistics as bit more interesting. Well, I passed the exam, though I don't know how much of this can be attributed to this work.

But I did had a lot of fun, trying to get different features out of text. Something, that I am sure will help me with my cognitive science master thesis. But even then, I did not ended up testing all the hypothesis. I did nothing with emotions, personality or topic prediction.

I also did not check the nouns hypothesis. There is a connection between genders in language (probably, I did not managed to find the scientific article about it). In Slovenian and Slovak, the negative words are usually female. So I figured that maybe the translation of nouns and then checking the gender in different language would also show something.

But other than that, I think I tested most of the ideas, that I got.

The jupyter book can be found here: Kaggle Competition

I hope that friend of mine is not too disappointed with my work. I learned a lot and I passed the exam, so I am satisfied with what I got out of it. Not sure about him. Since I got another link from him about text analysis, it could go both way. Either as a push in the last days to actually do something, or as here may be something that would be interesting to you.