My Master Thesis: Shrugging of New Ideas

I finally started working on my cognitive science master thesis. Yes, I am a sort of procrastinator. In a way, that I will always find something else to do, and finish other projects, but I will let some of them just continue for years.

So, what I am going to research (in case it will not blow in my face)? What I want to know is, what kind of network structure and individual differences impede and encourage the spreading of information. Sort of in a way, is the person willing to accept the new information. And because I had no idea, what kind of data to use, I have decided to try to do this on the fanfiction (Archive of our own) sites and with fandom.

I have tried to get some of the data, and it is possible. I just hope they don't block me, if I take more data from them.

I think this would be an interesting study, simply because I do want to know, what makes people believe what the do. And fanfiction communities are a good example of how the new knowledge, that a lot of people agree with, is created. I really wonder if I am just convincing myself?

Well, I still need to ask the other potential mentor, with whom did I already talked about. But that was months ago and I don't know if he is still interested. So this will be fun... (not).

And maybe this will help my explain, why I can shrug ideas easier than other people. I mean, beside that I learned how to live with my Ne, which is that I just ignore most of the ideas it throws at me. Maybe there is something in my personality dispositions or what kind of people do I hang out with, that makes it easier.

If anybody is asking (probably not), yes I had a conversation with somebody about my ability to shrug off ideas.

So yes, finally going forward with this as well. I really need to graduate soon and leave the structured academia.