Interesting Post About Social Skills

Most of the time, I don't get people. Whenever it is my introversion, my disagreablness or I simply lack so of the neural modules to make it easier, or just my general disinterest in people, it does not really matter. What is matter is, that because of that, I don't really get social situations.

And I know that I am not the only one. I had a couple of speeches about that on different Toastmasters meetings/competitions, and I still remeber the feedback later on. Half of the people, that talked to me afterwards, had no idea what I was talking about. For them, social skills were something that was obious. But the other half of the people that talked to me afterwards, admited that they have no idea what they are doing it, so they are faking it.

Which is what I find pretty interesting.

So it is nice to find sources, that help explain at least some aspect of the social situation in a way that is understandable to me. One of them is Their series on the conversation flow made a couple of mistakes, that I am making in the conversations pretty clear. And they did that in a way, that gave me the tools to analyse my future social interactions as well.

If you are finding problems with social skills, that this is the site that I recomend.