Audience Effect on Presenter

I used to be a member of Toastmasters for around 5 years (hopefully, my public speaking improved in that time :) ). When I was listening to the Modeling of Personality and Emotions class, I remember one fact, that had me start thinking about it. The professor was explaining, how it is possible for the audience to control the movement of the teacher in the class. They could make a schedule and they would control, how would he or she moved in space. If I understood correctly, it would be by using our attention? I am not sure, what the process would look like.

I figured out, if I find the paper, I would be able to make an exercise, that I could use in somewhere. I was not a member of Toastmaster anymore, so I could not use it there. But it would be a great exercise anyway.

I probably smiled, as I wrote it down, as the professor immediately and with urgency warned me, that we (I think he meant here the cognitive scientists) are bound by the ethics standards. I am not entirely sure, what did he mean, I was going to do... but it made it even more likely, that I will remember this fact. Or maybe it was just a throw back, because this was also a course, where we talked about using tamagotchi-es to motivate students to get better grades. The better the grades, the better the tamagotchi-es would feel - and if the grades were too bad, they would die.

I later tried to find the scientific article, that would explain this, but I had no luck. I then tired search engines, but I also had no luck.

So the professor was worried for nothing. I don't even know, how would I attempt to do it, and I can't find any information about it.