You Two Are Both Speedsters Fanfiction Stream of Thought

When I was testing the DES application, that I am programming, I had to input some text each time. So I decided, that instead of doing bla, bla, bla all the time, I would try and write a fanfiction scene. And this is the result. I was distracted by testing, so I guess that this is the minimal level, that I am capable of doing. Which is good to know. But on the other hand, it means, that probably is not that good.

"Cisco, can you bring his wheelchair?" asked Beth, when she came to Dr. Wells. "I don't think he can stand right now.

"He shouldn't be able to stand at all." said Hartley, looking Dr. Wells in a new light.

"Don't we have bigger problems right now?" asked dr. Wells. At this, they all looked at Barry, who was lying there with the broken back. He was no match for Zoom and dr. Wells...

"I will heal. Though, I really don't want to have my back broken again, in case it was not set correctly." said Barry with the grimace on his face.

"You really did want the particle accelerator to explode?" suddenly said Hartley. "Even though you already had powers?"

"You have no proof that dr. Wells was a metahuman before the explosion." suddenly said Cisco.

"He was." Hartley said, without offering more. Both Cisco and Caitlin turned to Wells, awaiting explanation.

"Hartley is right." offered Wells, without any additional explanation.

"Let me get this straight, you were the metahuman the whole time we knew you?" said Stein.

Barry chuckled. They all looked at him. He just shook his head, when he was lying on the bed. "I can now sort of understand, why you don't usually start with explanation of your situation." Wells looked at him with raised eyebrows.

"How would you explain it then?" asked Harry. Barry looked at Wells,

"Well... meet Eobard Thawne, a speedster form the future." Barry thought about it for a while. "Seems lacking, since this would also describe me."

"I am the only one that is confused?" asked Ronnie. "Nobody else?"

"This is ridiculous. You were both born here, how can you be from the future? What, did you two just suddenly decide to travel back and... nothing makes sense." said Caitlin.

"First of all, we are not from the same future." said Barry. "Which thankfully means, that he" he pointed at Wells, "had not yet meet Nora." He paused. "The other Nora." he turned to Wells. "The one you thought was Dawn."

"I met your daughter in your timeline?" Wells asked himself. "How did that go?"

"Well... " Barry stopped. "Time travel is weird."

"You guys can not stay on the subject, right?" asked Harry. "I am more interested in how this affects our fight with Zoom."

"Zoom wants to things. First, he is dying and the only thing that can save his life is a speedforce from another speedster. Without his condition. The second one is, that he wants to be the fastest person, and for that he wants to dominate one Earth and destroy others." Barry paused. "Assuming the changes in the timeline did not change his motivations."

"Could that happen?" asked Cisco.

"I imagine it would be the cause and effect sort of things" added Stein.

"I don't know. I once messed with time, and it changed John's baby gender."