Programming in Elm

I am now sort of learning how to do programming in elm. There is a part of the project, that I am doing, that also requires the web interface. With my server only having the php and front-end technologies available, I was a bit limited in what I could do. So no Django or something else. On the other hand, I wanted to get away from JavaScript for a while. I mean, nothing against the JavaScript, but I don't really get that language.

I remembered how there was a python and lambda (functional language) joint meetup. Somebody I knew there was having a presentation about using elm as a front-end language. I have never programmed in the functional language before, so that is proving to be the experience.

And it is a different experience. It is not so much, that I don't understand the code. I have been programming in JavaScript for months and I sometimes still don't understand why some code works. Here, I can understand why the code does not works every single time. But I have no idea what to do. I know what is wrong, but then I have no idea how to translate my ideas to the code and the search engines are not helping.

And I figured out how much I am relying on the search engines, when I am learning a programming language. Here is the example, that I am dealing with now. I have a piece of code, that was supposed to check, if the input is a number. There is an toInt function, that returns number, if it can be converted to a number and a string if it can not be converted to the number. So, then I was thinking, so I need to check, which is it. But I have no idea how to do this. There is no type() or typeof in elm. And even one or two examples that I have come across don't work. And neither duckduckgo nor the google are helpful in this regard.

But even though I am only trying this language for the second day, I know, that I am going to like it. As soon as I figure out, where the hell do I get information about, what to do.

And now I am wondering, how much of my recent blog posts are rambling, with no added value to the people reading it?