Starting to use react-navigation in my react-native project

I have just started working with react-native (without ever before doing any mobile apps or anything substantial in JavaScript), so in the beginning I have been doing mostly things, based on the tutorials and guides.

So, like most people, when I wanted to use the navigation (it what pushed me to start using simulator), I simply followed the tutorial about react-navigation. And when I wrote an example, for some reason, it did not work. What the simulator did tell me, that there was some weird undefined error for RNGestureHandlerModule.

So I did what most of the programmers that I saw program did, when they see the error message, that they don't understand: I inputted it in the search engines. Which were not helpful at all. They are usually pretty good at pointing me in some direction. But here, they did not manage to point me anywhere.

I think, this was the point, when I had to develop a different strategy - the one that I am still using, as it as helped me with other problems, where search engines were not helpful. I started to read through the issues on GitHub.

The one that helped me with this problem was this one. Which lead me to this page, where I found out, that I needed to change some file. After finding the file (buried deep in the sub-folders), it finally worked.

Well, since that time, it seems that they had included all the necessary information in the tutorial. And I managed to find a new way to get information for software problems.