Unexpectedly Good Customer Service at NLB

Recently, I had to renew the security certificate, that I use to log in to my online bank account. When I have gotten an email, they warned that they are going to phase out of it by the end of the year.

Hearing about it from the first time, I started to search. There was nothing on my online bank about it. I did not see anything on the website of the bank. Since I no longer get statements in paper, I even when online to check, if they warned about it there. No information what so ever. The only information that even indicated anything like this was, that this was only available to customers, that started before middle of 2017.

So I sent an email, to ask them about it. I did not want to get a new certificate, if it will stop working in a month and a half. And the answer was, that they don't have a date, but they usually phase out by not extending or enrolling new people. So I figured out, it will probably work for at least a year, so I extended it.

This certificate could also be used to access the governmental sites, but I already have their own certificate as well, so I don't need it for this.

Some time later, they send me the following message:


z veseljem vas obveščamo, da smo na pobudo vas, zvestih uporabnikov spletne banke NLB Klik, odložili ukinitev uporabe kvalificiranega digitalnega potrdila - certifikata AC NLB za vstop v NLB Klik. To pomeni, da boste svojo spletno banko lahko tudi v prihodnje nemoteno uporabljali in do nje dostopali s pomočjo certifikata.

Prijeten dan!

For some reason, they decided to extend this offer. I mean, I only asked a question, but I guess I was not the only one. But I am happy, that no matter what they talk in media about it, they still care about what their customers want.