Expertise vs. Mass Profiling

Another interesting fact from my old notes. This one comes from the class of Introduction of research 1. And it is about the difference in how different countries attempt to deal with national security.

In Israel, they have a couple of well trained and educated people, who are observing and profiling the people. On the other side, the US deal with people by sampling a mass of people randomly with a lot of human-resources and hoping they will catch the right one.

For some reason, I have the note there, that Israel is as least as good, if not better than US in catching criminals.

This reminds me of another story, that I have heard (but I have no idea, if it is true). In Slovenia, there was once an assassination, that happened in a hotel. In the same hotel, there was a team of Israel, I think they were a sport team, but I am not sure. After the murder happened, the Mossad was surprised, that they did not know, that it will happen. Their reaction was, that they knew it was going to happen, so they secured the ways that a person could take to their floor. To protect their own. And they assumed that Slovenians will take care of it. The problem was that apparently, we did not know it will happen.

This also reminds me a bit of how some other regimes dealt with the surveillance of people. When I read the Gulag Archipelago, I got the feeling, that the Soviets had a more mass profiling going one. The same could be said for the secret intelligence in the East Germany. But there is also a mass surveillance going on right now: with NSA collecting information and even companies, like Google and Facebook, that have enough info to profile every user of their product. Not sure they would like to be grouped together with them though. :)

Not sure who else is using the expertise-based profiling. I would be interested in that, since I think a lot more can be learned from that perspective, than the mass one.

Thought, there is another difference between US and Israel. Apparently in US, you can comment on weight loss, but not weight gain. In Israel, it is the reverse. You can comment on weight gain, but not weight loss. I wonder if this is also the difference, that can lead to this? Assuming the weight is the cultural-independent standard (because of the media import and export), then Israelis criticize, and US praise. And maybe this leads to Israel having a more expertise-based way of dealing with stuff.