Embodied Decision Making

I have read another pretty interesting article. The main idea of the article was, that the way we move our bodies can affect the way we make decision.

The article used Movement Pattern Analysis, concentrating on the difference between perception and assertion. The perception is concentrated on getting information out of the environment, with movements indicating exploring (spreading the chest and then moving the arm), evaluating (crossing the legs into the thinker pose) and anticipating (gesturing while molding the torso back to the chair). On the other hand, the assertion is connected to acting upon the world. It includes investigating (zeroing on the interviewer), determining (gesturing with the chin) and timing (quick gestures).

While they used a small sample, they found correlation between the difference between perception and assertion and the amount of information requested and time needed to make decision.

This is very interesting to me. It is hard for me to observe myself sometimes (I mean, I can't even notice, when I use formal language), so I am not sure where on the spectrum am I. I do notice that I do a lot of thinker pose (I so far blamed BBC Sherlock for this). But on the other hand, when I am alone, and I think out loud, then I use quite quick gestures. On the other hand, sometimes it seems that I need way more data than other people, so far, I would lean to a bit more perceptive than assertion size.

But it will be interesting to see, if it also holds true for other people. Time to do some observing.