Another Cultural Difference (This Time Subject Based)

Another one from my notes, this time from the Cognitive Science 2 class, that I took in Vienna. I think it was the result of the discussion of the article 'Could Neuroscientist Understand the Microprocessor'. I think the results of my (very sparse) notes from that lesson were, that it would be possible to use neuroscience to understand microprocessor, but we would have a lot of better results using computer and engineering methods.

The discussion eventually went to the differences in scientists in different subject matter. The difference that I have written down is, how do biology and computer scientists deal with grant money and choosing project.

In biology, if it would not work and it would not lead to the Nature publication, then these projects don't get funding. On the other side, in computer science, if something would not work, but it is interesting, then they still fund this project.

What I am interested it, what is the reason behind this difference? This would be something that I am interested it.