My First Python Meetup Presentation

Yesterday, at the Python Meetup in Ljubljana, I had my first lightning talk. It was quite a different experience, from what I am used to, as normally I talk to the audience, that are sort of required to listen to me: Toastmasters and school. But here, they were sort of not, so I have been nervous before my talk for the first time since I realized how my nervousness feels. Really, if not for the first-person research course at university, I would have never realized how I feel nervousness.

Maybe it was because of this, but I actually don't really remember what I said on the stage. It must have been somehow coherent, based on the questions that I got after the lightning talks, but I guess I will never knew. I also got a compliment on the quality/confidence of the presentation. A friend of mine offered to tape me, but I guess he did not at the end, since he did not send me the video.

Second, for some reason, now suddenly a lot of people wanted to talk to me about my talk. I was not aware, that this is going to be such a difference. I mean, I remember, years ago, where I heard or read somewhere, that giving a presentation is a good way of networking. But I expected maybe one or two interested people. They were a lot more. It was... overwhelming. I guess this was the reason, why I got the "What-The-Hell-Are-You-Doing" feeling before doing it.

Overall, the ice is broken. Next time, I need to make sure the technology works, which with my track record means, it will not happen. But now I just need to deal with the feeling, that I am not interesting enough to be on the stage frequently. It is a strong feeling.

The missing context from the speech (because of technical difficulties) and an answers to some of the questions will be posted the day after tomorrow.