My Results of the Political Morals Test

When I have tried to understand my political stance, I have simply taken a couple of books from the library, that could be relevant. The one, that I think helped a lot to explain the differences in the political options was Haidt's book on morality. He also has a TED talk, for people not having the time to read books, but I do recommend the book more than the TED talk.

Basically, what he said was, that the left is mostly interested in reducing harm, increasing care and fairness as equality. The right, besides being interested in that (though their fairness is more quality of opportunity and being rewarded based on the work/results), they were also interested in respecting authority, making sure the members of the group are better taken care of and purity. The libertarians were mostly interested in liberty (sadly, we don't really have a libertarian party in Slovenia, so it is not that relevant to the Slovenian political situation).

Well, in their website, they also provide a paper-and-pen version of their morality test. They also have a website, but at the time of writing this, it did not work in the EU because of the new privacy law. But in the paper-and-pen, they do provide the average, so I can compare it to that.

Moral My results Average in US (moderate)
Care 7 20.2
Fairness 18 20.5
Loyalty 15 16
Authority 9 16.5
Purity 10 12.6

I basically test on all of them lower than the average for the moderate in the US. But it is interesting to see, where the differences are bigger and smaller. I am quite close in the fairness, loyalty and purity to the moderate groups. But I am a lot lower on authority and care.

Generally, the left is higher on the care and fairness, compare to the moderate, and lower on the other three. The right, on the other hand is the opposite, the higher on the loyalty, authority and purity, and lower on the other two. In this regard, I am neither on the left, nor on the right.

And I must agree with this. In Slovenia, I like the economic policies of the NSi and SDS (the right parties in Slovenian parliament), but I don't really like their support for the against-the-gay referendum or their 'rhetoric' against the migrants. But on the other side, while I do support some of the policies from the left side (SAB, SD, Levica, SMC...), I get the very negative reaction to them talking anything regarding the financial part or even their wanted involvement in the industry.

So, I guess I will continue to vote for where I think Slovenia needs more emphasis. If their problems are fiscal or with the bureaucracy or with government involvement in the private sector, I will probably vote a right-wing party. On the other hand, if the problems will be with people not being able to live normally, for whatever reason, rules or financial, I will vote the left-wing. On the same time, I will be hoping for a more libertarian-oriented party.

It is interesting, that I found out about libertarian years ago, and I started to think this is the optimal way. But then, as I was studying the cognitive science, and realized how influenced the people are by their biology, psychology, society and messages that they receive, that I thought that some people would prefer, that they live in the society, where they are unable to make bad choices for themselves. So, I am still in figuring out my political identity phase.