Website without JavaScript

Yesterday, I have attended the Python Meetup in Ljubljana. There have been more talk around JavaScript then Python this time. Which, I guess, was not that bad.

But I am not a JavaScript person. The most that I have done is to write a couple of lines of code in it. So, after the second speaker told a story how a removal of a small JavaScript program named left-pad apparently broke the internet (which I did not notice at all at the time), I started thinking. I may not be programming in the JavaScript, but I know that my blog uses a htmly platform, and during testing I noticed that it does pull some of the JavaScript files as well.

So that made me thinking, can I remove these JavaScript references, and would that make the website still work? Well, so far so good. Though I hope that I have managed to catch all of the JavaScript used. The one blog post, which had a couple lines of JavaScript was replaced by a similar css alternative.

So far, there are no problems yet. Either way, if this made my website a bit lighter and quicker, then it was worth it.