My Notes about Gender Differences

I have drabbled in minimalism for years, but now that it finally looks like that in about a year time, I will hopefully have a job and my own place to live, it is time to push it further. One of the things that I need to do, is to make sure that I go through all my notes. Now I have whole pile of paper notes and whole pile of notes in the notebooks and some random files on my computer. The best way would be, to simply have the notes about the topics, I have no plans for at this time, to have on the same place. Since I am already using this blog to just sort of write my stream of consciousness, and to post notes to myself to remember, why not use this blog to finally have everything on the same place, that is searchable.

So, this were the notes that I have collected on gender difference (there may be more, but these are the ones, that I found in my old flashcards):