Laver and Budge Political Categories

I am just here posting the political categories for left and right wing, that I have found in the thesis that I had read. I guess, the more a person agrees with one side, the more likely they are to lean to that side.

Right-Wing Attitude Right-Wing Category Left-Wing Attitude Left-Wing Category
Positive Army Negative Army
Negative Protectionism Positive Protectionism
Positive Limiting Social State Positive Expanding Social State
Positive Free Entrepreneurship Positive Market Regulations
Positive Economic Incentives Positive Economic Planning
Positive Orthodox Economics Positive Planned Economy
Positive Freedom and Human Rights Positive Nationalization
Positive Constitution Positive Workers Groups
Positive Political Authority Positive Democracy
Positive Law and Order Positive Peace
Positive Traditional Morality Positive Anti-imperialism
Positive Nacional Lifestyle Positive Internationalism
Positive Social Harmony Positive Expanding Education