Differences and Similarities between People and the Political Stance

When I was reading a thesis, I came across a pretty interesting idea. They connected the philosophies of two different philosophers (Rousseau in Nietzsche) to the differences between the right and left-wing politics.

Not, that I have read much about them, but I like the idea anyway, so I am noting it here, in case it would be interesting to somebody else as well.

The differences between the left and right wing is what they think is responsible for differences and similarities between people. So, Rousseau thinks that we are born the same, and then the society makes us unequal. On the other hand, Nietzsche thinks that we are born different, but the society makes us more equal or same. Since the passage is in Slovenian, I am not sure, if here they are talking about the quality or similarities.

This made me think, which one of them do I subscribe to. On one side, I am a big proponent of personality being, at least in part, defined before we are born, so I don't believe that we are all born the same. The same with many other things, from beauty to intelligence and so on.

But the role of the society is a bit more complicated. I do believe that society makes us more similar. Just think about how we all act in some situations. The social roles that we subscribe to give rise to a very limited amount of variation to the behavior in some situation. For example, when a student listens to a teacher, they generally don't stand up and jump through the window, or start singing a song, or have sex in front of them. We can discuss the reasons for this, but I think we can all agree, that we simply don't do some things in some situations. Which does makes us more similar.

On the other hand, depending on the environment of growing up, things like social mobility, intelligence and many other things can be affected. So, these differences can make the already existing differences even bigger in some case.

I might go with the former version of the argument, for one reason only. And this is the gender differences. The more the country tries to be egalitarian, the bigger the gender differences are. But it is a very one-dimensional argument, I just don't have better yet.

So, in this way, I am much more like Nietzsche then Rousseau.