Another Political Test

A couple of weeks ago, my sister had shown me another political test. This one was more US oriented, and since I am not as well versed in the US politics, I am not sure, how accurate the results are. But still, there were a couple of things in the results, that were interesting.

The most interesting was the part, which they named themes. There were some popular political dichotomies, and based on the answers, they try to see, which side a person leans more on. Here are these political dichotomies:

Dichotomy Leaning
Populism vs. Elitism Populism
Decentralization vs. Centralization Decentralization
Capitalism vs. Socialism Capitalism
Pacifism vs. Militarism Pacifism
Multilateralism vs. Unilateralism Center
Isolationism vs. Imperialism Isolationism
Secular vs. Religious Secular
Libertarian vs. Authoritarian Libertarian
Big Government vs. Small Government Big Government
Globalism vs. Nationalism Globalism
Privacy vs. Security Privacy
Progressive vs. Traditional Progressive
Globalization vs. Protectionism Globalization
Tender vs. Tough Tender
Keynesian vs. Laissez-Faire Keynesian
Collectivism vs. Individualism Center
Assimilation vs. Multiculturalism Assimilation
Right-wing vs. Left-wing Right-wing
Deregulation vs. Regulation Center
Politically Correct vs. Politically Incorrect Politically Correct
Environmentalism vs. Anthropocentrism Environmentalism

Sure, this table can be a bit misleading. I am a lot more extreme on things, like pacifism, but I am quite close to the middle with the assimilations, for examples. So, this does not really tell the complete picture, but it does tell about, which side am I leaning to.

There were a couple of things that surprised me as the result. These results were Big Government vs. Small Government, Collectivism vs. Individualism and Politically Correct vs. Politically Incorrect. I thought that I am more for political incorrectness, for the small government and that I am strongly for individualism. I guess these are still the themes that then I need to think about it more carefully. The rest of the results are more or less in the direction that I expected. Which should not be surprising, since this should measure my opinions.

On another note, down below there are results, there was also a more traditional representation, with right-left wing and libertarian-authoritarian scales. No matter, which test do I take, I am always in the same quadrant, which is right wing-libertarian. Even when taking other tests about this, I always end up in that quadrant.

Which is a bit sad, because last year we had the presidential elections. So, they asked each one of the candidates, to position themselves on the same coordinate system. While two refused, each of the other seven candidates did. And they made such a nice diagonal from the left-libertarian to the right-conservative. Out of the 7 candidates that did this, none of them position themselves on the right-libertarian or left-conservative coordinate. So, I did not really have a candidate last year.

But on the funnier note, I also watch Yu-Gi-Oh anime, and on Tumblr, I found the following picture. I guess I am in the right place, since I apparently, at least politically, most associate with Seto Kaiba. :)

Yu-Gi-Oh Kaibas as Right-Left and Libertarian-Authoritarian Coordinates