My Master Thesis Questionnaire - The Hardest Part

I am currently writing my master thesis on the sharing behavior on social media, when it comes to the content connected with employers. So, are people willing to share the content in connection of what kind of place this is to work on, or available job spots or some information in what kind of problems or perks companies have as employers.

I am right now at the hardest part of this. I need to collect responses. And I am afraid to even post it on the social media. Or my blog. Or ask people around me to do something about it. It is embarrassing. Out of all of them, posting on the blog is the easiest part, so this is what I am doing it first. I am hoping, that this will give me the courage to then do it somewhere else as well.

The questionnaire is in Slovenian, so people that don't speak the language are sadly not able to answer it (even though for a while I was thinking of doing it in a bilingual fashion).

So this is a link:

If you are reading this, and you are human (and not algorithm), and you speak Slovenian, I would like to kindly ask you to fill in this questionnaire. Though I doubt that anybody is reading it :(.