My Results of the SAPA Personality Test

Quite some time ago (I think I could measure it is months), I have taken the SAPA personality test, which tests for intelligence, the big five and 27 narrow traits. I have mostly taken it, because the SAPA puts some of the data it collected available to everyone. Since for the R portion of my advance cognitive neuroscience course, I needed to use a database, that I could picked myself, I looked for personality-based ones. And they so ask a couple of other questions (gender, country, body mass index, exercise frequency,...), so this means that it made for a quite interesting exploratory analysis.

The other reason was, that I am interested in personality, and this would be another test, that I could compare to a couple of the tests, that I have taken beforehand. I will do this analysis at one point, but not today. This blog post is mostly for me to have a record of my results. And because there is a secret wish in me to test all the people around me and compare results, so I am making the things easier for people around me, who have similar secret wishes.

So, I will first provide the results for the big five. The results are in the percentiles, so how many people have lower results than I do. Which is always dependent on the type of people that were surveyed, since it is a comparable metric. But it is still useful.

Trait Result
Extraversion 14%
Conscientiousness 31%
Agreeableness 38%
Neuroticism 38%
Openness 69%

And now the results for the narrow traits as well:

Trait Result
Compassion 1%
Attention-Seeking 7%
Perfectionism 8%
Sensation-Seeking 12%
Authoritarianism 12%
Charisma 14%
Emotional Expressiveness 16%
Sociability 18%
Art Appreciation 24%
Impulsivity 27%
Industry 38%
Adaptability 46%
Humor 46%
Conformity 46%
Irritability 50%
Conservatism 50%
Intellect 54%
Order 54%
Self Control 62%
Well-Being 69%
Introspection 69%
Anxiety 73%
Honesty 76%
Creativity 76%
Emotional Stability 82%
Easy-Goingness 84%
Trust 92%

And intelligence:

Trait Results
Cognition 99%

I don't remember if I ever shared what I found out of a quick study of their database. I need to check this, and if I did not yet, then I need to share some of it.

Added on 2018-10-30: I forgot to add the site, where you can actually take the test They also provide some of the information about how to analyze the personality data on