A Language Game

When I was at the exchange in Bratislava, a Vienna classmate of mine presented an interesting game in one of our lectures. It is sort of a language game, where people try to create a new kind of language representation. I am sharing the game play below, in case it would also help somebody else. Though, I must admit, that part of it is also, that I will remember it.

For the start of the game, for each pair, there needs to be cards with one-word concept written on it. We used the words justice, athlete, sports, goal, school, house, justice, democracy. Each one of the pair gets one set with all the words written out once.

One person in the pair takes the first card and starts drawing the concept on the piece of paper. The other looks at the cards and shows the one that they think is right. The goal is to do it as quickly as possible. If they guessed correctly, it goes on the discard pile, if not, it goes back to the original pile. The game is going on, until there are on card on the original pile. They the people change places and repeat, this time in different roles. This goes back and forward, until there are no mistakes left.

The last rule is, that while the game is in place, nobody is allowed to say anything.

For the next part, the pairs get changed. Each person gets a new partner. And the whole process is repeated. Which does produce some interesting effects. But I will let the people play it to figure out what they are.