The Articles from 2013

I have uploaded some of the articles here, that I had written in 2013. So, if you go back in my history, you might see some articles that are... subpar. :) I just figured out, that maybe having everything in the same place would be helpful sometime in the future.

So far, only one person had told me, that they read anything from my blog. That is why so far, I don't feel anything embarrassing doing this. There can't be many people reading this. But still, I just copied it, so if anybody would go any read it, the quality and in some cases ever the formatting might be wrong.

So far they are not in the archives yet, because so far I am doing it by hand, and I don't want to add more than 100 pieces of writing by hand. But this is the next thing on my do to list, so by the time anybody actually reads this, they might already be there. :)