My Needs Based on the Text Analysis

In the last blog post, I have talked about IBM Personality Insights. The interesting part is, that they don't only analyze the personality of a person, but also the needs of the person. According to the very short description that they provide on the website, these needs are not basic or personal needs, lets be clear, I don't think they are needs at all. They are simply the measure of what the product have to represent, in order to resonate with me.

Here are the needs that it had found of me:

Need Value
Curiosity 98.8
Structure 48.8
Ideal 46.6
Liberty 24.0
Self-expression 22.9
Challenge 21.6
Love 17.4
Practicality 13.2
Closeness 12.5
Excitement 11.8
Stability 11.6
Harmony 06.0

I think, that these values, just like the values for the personality, are shown in the percentiles. The higher the percentile, the more susceptible am I to these messages than others. So 50 would mean that I am more susceptible than half of the people, and less susceptible than half of the people. In my case, there are only 6% of people less susceptible to the need for harmony, but 94% are more susceptible to it.

I wonder if this might explain, why I always want to buy books or courses or attend additional courses at the university and so on. I am not normally very materialistic person, I mean I get teased that I am very stingy with the money. But put me in the library, and I want to buy the whole lot. It is kind of amazing.

Not to mention, I would not have about average course load, and still thinking thoughts: "Maybe I can commute to a couple of lectures for this course that I can not attend in whole". I am sure, if it would fit in my schedule, I would have taken this course.

There are two things that I wonder about this results. The first is the connection to the personality. I mean, I am (probably) high on openness, so curiosity would be a need connected to this. I am also very low on agreeableness, which harmony and love both seems to be connected to and I have low scores in both.

The second is how to use this. Maybe I need to be more careful when people present products in a way that imply that they will satisfy my curiosity. But I already know, that no matter what, there is no one thing in the world, that will satisfied it. I think it might take the rest of my life, and possibly more.

And I guess I can use this to tell people, that if they want me to buy something, they should appeal to my curiosity side, and nothing something, at least for me, much more mundane.