Connection between Freud's Personality and Development Theories

There are two theories of Freud, that I have recently come across. The first one deals with the stages of development, where at each stage the energy, and I guess also focus of the person is concentrated, until the level is sort of mastered and the person can move on. The other one deal with the three parts of the personality.

The stages of development have four stages, if the intermediate stage when nothing happens is not counted.

Stage Problem to be Solved
Oral Dependency
Anal Self-Control
Phallic (Penis) Morality, Sexual identity
Genitals Creation

The personality type deals with three part of the personality.

Part of personality Principle Role
Id Pleasure To have needs satisfied
Ego Reality To survive in the world
Superego Idealism To reach perfection

What I find interesting in here, is that we develop the ability to function in the world (ego), before the ability to distinguish good and bad (superego). It seems a very embodied way of thinking, which is interesting, because the embodiment is the current paradigm in the cognitive science and was not really present at the time the Freud was writing this.

When comparing the two, there are some noticeable similarities. The first one is, that they seems to mirror each other. The first on both deals with needs, the second with self-control needed to function in society and the third with morality. The forth is missing in the personality one, but it might be the stage, where all three work in tandem.

Development Personality
Oral Id
Anal Ego
Phallic (Penis) Superego
Genitals /