Difference between Ti and Te Functions

I wish to say, that considering that I am using Ti the most, I would be more insightful in the difference between the Ti and Te. But I don't think I am. But I do now a person, who is a very strong Te user, so I might be able to still discern some differences between the Ti and Te function.

The Ti function is about the problem solving. It is the logical, A follows B follows B type of reasoning, or at least it is in its pure form. The other functions make this a bit more complicated. On the other hand, the Te, at least from my perception, is more a function of how to do something in a efficient way, making sure things work smoothly.

This is where the differences between these two functions came into play. The first is, that there is a difference between speed and accuracy. This could be clearly seen when I thought this other person a computer program. I wanted to go through it in detail, making sure that everything is clear and it would be able to be repeated. But instead, I ended up giving a short course, that was recorded. So anybody could go back to there, if anything was unclear.

While my Ti wanted to make sure that everything is thought in an accurate and exact way, Te seems to have preferred a solution that worked and will produce the smallest amount of problems with least effort. Which makes me wonder about a couple of things. A lot of time, after the conversation would have already passed, I would still be thinking that I did not express myself well enough and that I might have used the word in a wrong way. Two recent examples are the word understand (which has way to many different shades of meaning) and when talking about intelligence. Now that I am contracting this, maybe the Te types are alright with the approximation.

The second difference, which I don't know how much can I attribute the this functions only, but it still happened, was that I was the one trying new ideas, and she was the one trying to keep the system running in an efficient way. She once told me, that just as she creates the system, and makes sure it is stable, we come along and break it. And it is frustrating for her.

Well, for me, having a new situation is like having a new puzzle, so it is a bit more fun. As long as I don't need to depends on people, of course.

There was also a difference that I read about, but I am not 100% sure about it. The people with Ti were supposed to be more skeptical, while the people with Te are supposed to be more confident. Well, I am skeptical and I think Ti on average is quite a skeptical function. But while it would make logical sense for Te to be less skeptical and more confident, I have to admit that I don't think that I have noticed this so far. Maybe I just did not look at the people well enough yet.

These are the differences that I noticed and remembered while writing this blog. But, as for the two blog post before, I will continue to refine this knowledge.